Terms & Condition

General terms and conditions

1. Conditions of use

Welcome to Muhahe. Muhahe and team provide services to subject to notices, terms, and conditions as set out below. By accessing, browsing, or shopping on this website, you agree to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. Please read them carefully.

2.  Applicability

We bound as Muhahe to provide our services exclusively on the basis of the following General Terms and Conditions. They shall apply to all legal relationships between our Agency and the Customer, the version applicable at the time of conclusion of a contract shall be relevant. Deviations from these terms and conditions and other supplementary agreements with the Customer shall only be effective if they have been confirmed by our Agency in writing.


Terms and conditions of the Customer, if any, shall not be accepted, even if the Agency knows them unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing on a case-by-case basis. The Agency expressly objects to terms and conditions of the Customer. No other objection of the Agency to the Customer’s Terms and conditions shall be required.


The Customer shall be informed about amendments to the terms and conditions; they shall be deemed agreed unless the Customer objects to the amended terms and conditions in writing within 15 days; in the information, the Customer will be expressly informed about the consequence of silence on his part.

3.Scope of services; Order processing; Customer’s duties to co-operate

       I.  The scope of the services to be rendered shall be based on the specifications of the Agency Agreement or the Agency’s acknowledgment of order, if any, and the briefing report, if any (“Offer Documents”). Subsequent modifications of the services shall be subject to the Agency’s written confirmation. When executing the order the Agency shall be free in its discretion within the framework specified by the Customer.



 II.            The Customer shall make accessible to the Agency completely and in time all information and documents required for rendering the service. The Customer shall notify the Agency of all circumstances that are relevant to the execution of the order, even if they become known only in the course of execution of the order. The Customer shall bear the costs.



 III.            In addition, the Customer is obliged to clear the documents made available by him for execution of the order (photos, logos, etc.) for potential copyrights, trademark rights, marks or other rights of third parties (rights clearance) and guarantees that the documents are free from the rights of third parties and may, therefore, be used for the desired purpose. In the case of merely slight negligence or if it has fulfilled its duty to warn the Customer, the Agency shall not be liable (at least as regards the relationship between the Agency and the Customer) for an infringement of such rights of third parties by documents made available by the Customer. If the Agency is held liable for any infringement of such rights, the Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Agency and shall compensate the Agency for any and all disadvantages suffered by it due to third-party claims, including costs of reasonable legal representation. The Customer undertakes to support the Agency in defending claims of third parties if any. For this purpose, the Customer shall provide the Agency with all documents without request.