About Us

MUHAHE is a Rwandan company which has the legal certification of RDB. It is located in La Penuweri House nearest Mogaz Station on the main road of Sonatubes – Rwanda. It deals with different activities related to a digital trading system.

MUHAHE is a global marketing platform where sellers and buyers meet, we help millions of people to transform their lives and developing a winning strategy that maximizes their effectiveness while minimizing the time and money required to achieve their goals. It’s easy, safe, fast, and affordable.

MUHAHE is the best business solution for those who need to strengthen more their businesses for it helps them while marketing their products, provide a quick free delivery and provide great services at a lower price to everyone.

We are combining traditional marketing, e-commerce and affiliate Parts for promoting products and services. We help you to spread potential information worldwide.

As a resolution for the ones who need jobs only in Rwanda, Muhahe provides an opportunity for operating with it.

The best thing is that you may work anywhere within the country and it doesn’t require you to have any qualifications or experiences all it takes is the willingness to start enjoying the benefits.

Welcome to a contemporary digital lifestyle, with the products of MUHAHE.


Our mission is to be the undisputed provider of online shopping, marketing, unique products and loyalty programs for our clients, excelling in quality services, agility and responsiveness to the changing demands of the business, and continuously innovates to be the best destination for our customers.



Our vision is to combine creativity and technology in intelligent digital solutions by boosting a dynamic digital innovation and hold the opportunity of your lifetime.